FACS Rigging & Texture Blending | Digital Humans

  Facial Action Coding System’s (FACS) are a feature often used within animation pipelines for visual effects and games production.

Digital Portraiture | Character Look Development

Human faces are one of the most popular subjects in the world of 3D art, but also one of the

Single Camera FACS Scanning | Photogrammetry

Facial Action Coding System’s (FACS) were originally a tool invented by Dr Paul Ekman for measuring facial expressions, or more

Clarks ‘Back To School’ | Photogrammetry

Images above created by Future Deluxe. I recently finished working on a ‘Back To School’ promo series for Clarks, which

Sri Lanka | Photography

In July 2017 we set off for a three week trip in South Asia to visit Sri Lanka, a beautiful

Turntable Shoe Scanning 2.0 | Photogrammetry

Setup & Capture Yet another shoe scanning experiment, this time with some big improvements to the turntable setup and general

Portable Polarised Texture Capture | Photogrammetry

I recently put together a portable polarised texture rig in the hope of improving my texturing workflow for handheld photogrammetry

Cross Polarised Scanning on a Shoe String | Photogrammetry

Set-up & Capture It’s been a while since my last shoe scanning post, and another pair of trainers just arrived, so

Ford EcoSport | Barcelona | TimeSlice

 In September we spent three days in sunny Barcelona working on a promotional video for the new Ford EcoSport. The video consists

Raindance Film Festival | Photography

This week I was asked to photograph a selection of events at the 25th anniversary of Raindance film Festival. In this post I have included a