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I finally found some free time to do the post processing on the pink trainer scan from last year. See above a quick look at each stage in the process – from capture to final asset. This project has been a great learning curve, especially for learning new modeling and texturing techniques in ZBrush and Mari.

Most of the modeling on this shoe was completed by masking out areas of the raw scan and then extracting from the mesh in order to isolate and retopologize each individual section. Once you have the clean geometry you can then project detail back from the raw scan. See above/below a few screen grabs demonstrating this process.

For texturing I have found that procedural layers with the added control of using an alpha can be incredibly useful. For tiled textures I highly recommend using the Tri Planar Projection procedural layer. Although the texture of the final shoe could still do with some refining, for just a test piece I am really happy with the final turn out. I now understand the importance of collecting the correct images necessary to create good textures and make life much easier in Mari. For any future shoe scans I plan to shoot a polarised image set for textures, as well as shooting images for photogrammetry.

See below a final rendered turntable for another look at the pink trainer model.

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