Creative Skillset | Freelance Toolkit | Adam Spring | Official Website

Creative Skillset | Freelance Toolkit | Adam Spring | Official Website

In a recent online video series produced by Creative Skillset, you can hear me making some brief comments on my experiences as a freelancer in the world of Visual Effects. As difficult as it is to watch yourself on camera, it’s also quite satisfying to know that you were able to remember even a few simple lines (don’t laugh!). In each part of the series there are some great bits of advice delivered from professionals working in different sectors of the creative industries. For anyone just starting out, I would highly recommend taking the time to watch them through.

Freelancing is a key part of working in the Creative Industries. Whether you’re headed toward a career in VFX, Games, Film or Fashion, a large part of the UK workforce are employed as freelancers. While this guide is aimed at new freelancers in the creative industries, much of the advice applies to more experience workers and creatives working outside our sectors.” – Creative Skillset

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