Character Look-dev | Endomychidae | Adam Spring | Official Website

Character Look-dev | Endomychidae | Adam Spring | Official Website

This beetle character is taken from the Endomychidae project I have been working on, of which you may have seen featured in previous posts on this blog. He is now beginning to look how I imagined when first starting the project earlier this year. The textures are yet to be completed, but the displacement map has been finalised now. The purpose of this turntable is to help with the look development and provide a scene to use for working up the rest of the pipeline i.e. textures, shaders, rendering, comp, etc..

The final shot in which this beetle will be composited has recently been filmed and 3D tracked (click here). All pieces of the puzzle are nearly in place now, and it should only be a matter of weeks until the whole project is finished. Next steps are to finalise the textures and start creature animation. See bellow a basic walk cycle I have been working on that will be the base animation of which I will modify for the final piece. My first ever ‘hexapod  walk cycle’…

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